The Arkansas State Police Foundation financially supports the state police and its employees to fulfill their mission, “to protect human life and property in the State of Arkansas.”

We accomplish this in the following ways:


Providing life protecting equipment, training and continuing education when state and federal funding streams are not sufficient.


Supporting many local programs and community outreach to increase public confidence and understanding of police activities.

Assisting employees and their families through tough times by contributing to funeral expenses, lodging, food and any other expense.

Our history

In 1935, the Arkansas State Police was established as a state agency to protect the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Arkansas by assisting local agencies and supplying resources not afforded at the local level. The Arkansas State Police continues to support local law enforcement in every corner of the state by investigating every major criminal case, fatal crash, and crime committed against a child, as well as keeping our roads safe through highway patrol.

The demands on each and every branch of the agency continue to grow but the state police provide the highest quality of service to the public.  Like many others in state government, the Arkansas State Police have been affected by budgetary cuts.  Simply stated, there is not enough money to fund the required programs, training functions, and other duties the agency has long provided.  Together we can help offset this funding shortage.

In 2002, the Arkansas State Police Foundation was created to collaborate with corporate and individual donors to ensure Arkansas' premiere law enforcement agency is fully equipped and capable of responding to any threat.  Your donations to this Foundation will allow the Arkansas State Police to better serve you and help keep Arkansas an attractive and desirable state in which to live and work.

A tax-exempt donation to the ASP Foundation provides the state police the ability to keep making a difference for you, our communities, and our state. 


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