Precision Driving Track

Law enforcement officers spend more of their time in patrol vehicles than anywhere else. Regrettably, vehicles are involved in the majority of officer involved accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Currently, Arkansas is one of three states that does not have a Precision Driving Track for law enforcement officer training. Providing a superior training facility for the Arkansas State Police, accessible to all levels of law enforcement in Arkansas, is imperative for the safety of our Troopers and essential for their success at making Arkansas a safer and more prosperous state. 

The Precision Driving Track’s first phase will consist of a four-part course. These include a six-lane highway section for pit maneuvering, an urban environment, a high-speed track, and a skills pad. The custom design will mimic both urban and rural environments, providing our law enforcement officers training opportunities applicable to all corners of the state. The Precision Driving Track will be located on over 200 acres at Camp Joseph T. Robinson Army Base.