ASP Annual Awards Ceremony

The Arkansas State Police Foundation is proud to host the Arkansas State Police Annual Awards Ceremony. Recipients of Official Commendations, Distinguished Service Awards, Lifesaving Award, Gold Shield Award, Civilian Employee of the Year Award and Trooper of the Year Award are honored.


Awards are given in the following categories:

Official Commendations

An Official Commendation Award may be presented to troopers and civilian employees for exemplary service when an employee, through diligence and perseverance, performs beyond the call of duty, under unusual circumstances and conditions. The award is not limited to the protection of life and property or the apprehension of criminals, but may include performing assigned job duties over a period of time or performing specific tasks in an exemplary manner.

Lifesaving Award

The Lifesaving Award is presented to a trooper or civilian employee, who through direct personal intervention, including the application of CPR, the Heimlich maneuver or any other live-saving measures performed on a victim that prevents immediate death.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors citizens or law enforcement officers from other agencies who assist the Arkansas State Police in the apprehension of a criminal in a manner that clearly and directly places the individuals in jeopardy or physical harm or death.

Distinguished meritorious service Award

The Distinguished Meritorious Service Award is the highest award for meritorious service or achievement presented by the Arkansas State Police.

medal of valor

The Medal of Valor is the highest award presented to a commissioned or civilian employee of the Arkansas State Police. The Medal of Valor is earned for extraordinary acts of valor and gallantry that clearly set the individual apart from other employees.

Trooper’s cross award

The Trooper’s Cross is awarded to troopers and civilian employees who demonstrate courage at a level not justifying the Medal of Valor.

Gold Shield Award

The Gold Shield Award is designed to honor troopers and civilian employees who, under honorable conditions, suffer permanent disfigurement, permanent impairment of health or extremely serious physical injury in the line of duty.

Memorial medal

The purpose of the Memorial Medal is to honor the memory of an Arkansas State Police employee killed in the line of duty under honorable conditions. The Memorial Medal should be presented to the immediate family of any trooper or civilian employee who loses their life under honorable conditions, while serving the state of Arkansas in their assigned duties, or in law enforcement capacities either in the line of duty or in an off duty capacity.

Civilian Employee of the Year Award

The Civilian Employee of the Year Award honors a civilian employee for outstanding performance or contribution to the mission of the Arkansas State Police. By recognizing a single civilian employee, the Arkansas State Police acknowledges all civilian employees as indispensable and integral to the services delivered to the people of Arkansas.

Civilian employees are defined as non-commissioned employees who work in all divisions of the agency. Qualifications for this award may be based on single or cumulative acts of heroism. The acts of the Civilian Employee of the Year recipient must be so exemplary as to set the individual apart and above his or her peers.

Trooper of the Year 

The Trooper of the Year award may only be given to commissioned officers. The award may recognize cumulative acts of heroism or meritorious service provided that the meritorious service exceeds service that is clearly outstanding and not only benefits the Arkansas State Police, but the entire State of Arkansas.

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